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Our Office

State of the Art

Our unique combination of experience and dental technology allows us to remain ahead of the curve.
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Dental whitening kit
New equipment, modern & comfortable chairs and TVs
Diamond coated drills means a better experience for patients
HD cameras, analytics for patients, and cloud based software
Continuously Improving

Technology & Comfort

Dental techniques, systems, technologies, and providers are constantly changing and improving. I make sure I’m providing you the best and most effective for the best results.
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Modern Equipment & Durable Materials

Here are a few of the areas in which we are at the forefront of dental care:

- Digital x-rays which use a small fraction of the radiation of traditional film

- Intra-oral camera for patient education and information

- The latest, most effective and efficient cassette and rack based sterilization system

- We use only autoclavable equipment and disposable

- No so-called ‘cold sterilization’ equipment is used

- Use of highest quality labs and products for diagnosis, devices, appliances, prostheses

- The latest crown technologies, particularly dental zirconia

Our Approach to Remaining Ahead of the Curve

The field of dentistry is always changing and evolving. It's my job to ensure I remain in touch with all that is improving. Our office aims to deliver a comfortable, modern experience through the use of those technologies.

In every area, from tools, to methods, from sterilization systems, to the latest information technologies, even to audio and video systems which help patients to both relax and view data about their diagnoses and treatment — I bring my love of the cutting edge, and passion to learn and explore, to my desire to be the best I can be and provide the best care and comfort to my patients.

Our office is equipped with TVs at every dental chair, we have headphones available to patients who want to block out all sound, and we use the newest tools available to minimize the length of procedures and maximize comfort for patients.

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