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Vision & Mission

A passionate team of dental professionals building lasting relationships with patients.
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Patient satisfaction is our number one priority
We work hard to ensure you have an amazing experience
Accommodating to the needs of our patients is always our mission

We partner with you.

Our mission is to ensure your health, happiness, and comfort. We are consistently rated as one of the best dental offices in New Jersey for this very reason.
Dr. Markowitz’s Vision

I used to dream of having an office like this one day.  A space that was modern, clean, and inviting. Someplace that I would be excited about going to each day.  An office where my patients would feel comfortable, glad that it was their office.  (In my dreams however, I always had a fuller head of hair….) I have been blessed with ability and good conscience.  My compassion, empathy, and concern are sincere.  My staff are wonderful: they care for their patients like they care for each other.  None of us are here because we have to be; we’re here because we want to be. Providing the best dental care possible, with a first class team of professionals and friends, creating relationships and maintaining teeth and health which last a lifetime, and doing that which I enjoy, in a setting like this — this is my dream come true.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”
- Anatole France
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Our Mission

Because we are passionate about attaining personal and professional excellence: We are committed to helping our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. We constantly strive to provide the quality dental care that our patients expect and deserve. We value and appreciate our patients; their concerns are our concerns. We will provide our patients with a pleasant and comfortable dental experience. We will educate our patients to make informed dental decisions, with an emphasis on preventive care.

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