We accept most major dental insurance providers

Below is a list of the insurance providers we accept. If you don't see your provider on the list, please call us to see if we cover it (Chances are that we do)

Insurance Providers We Accept

The following insurance providers are fully accepted

Delta Dental Premier
Sun Life

The following insurance providers are accepted, but must be a part of a PPO plan with out of network coverage - reach us here to confirm

United Healthcare
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

- We accept dental insurance from other states. It does not need to be from New Jersey in order for us to accept it.

- If you call the office, we can give you estimates of cost, including your co-pay.

Why do other dentists take different insurance providers? 

- We believe in honest dentistry. One of the reasons why many of the larger dental chains accept more forms of insurance is because of how quickly they work on patients. In fact, some practices will even push services that patients do not need in an effort to charge what they think is fair from the insurance providers. However, sometimes new dentists are also starting out and will take more insurance providers to build their practice.

In order to provide our patients with the absolute best, most comfortable, and most honest form of dentistry, we work with the insurance providers that make sense for our ethos. With that said, we are able to accommodate the majority of patients who reach out to us.
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